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Why Estrategia Group?

What we provide

Culturally Relevant Training & Education

Estrategia Group specializes in leadership development to mold you into the type of leader you’ve always wanted to be. Our professional development is designed to help YOU and your organization achieve its goals.

Our capacity-building strategies are helping organizations all over the U.S. reach their true potential and help you see your organization through fresh eyes.

Strategic Management & Consulting

Estrategia’s proven strategies for success are designed to spark the transformational growth your team deserves. We help you plan your future, look for and understand patterns so there is little standing between where you are and where you want to be.

Whether you require team building, cultural humility or higher involvement in social justice, our team works closely with yours to discover the next ensure your organization reaches its goals each step of the way.

Assessment & Evaluation

Let’s push the limits and grow your potential. Through consistent evaluation and assessments you will gain learning and awareness of your mission. We’ll co-design a roadmap to guide and sustain your goals as you persist towards to attract the results you want.

There are a variety of reasons why today’s organizations are struggling. From a lack of direction to misalignment on company goals and culture, it takes hard work, ongoing effort and practice to keep your company always moving forward. Estrategia Group has the tools you need to reinvigorate your team and reignite their passion for their work. Through management consulting, education and development, we lend support to a new generation of ideas and growth strategies with the power to transform your organizational culture and team dynamics. With our blueprints for success and hands-on work, we can help a growing number of businesses reach their highest potential for creativity, leadership, and synergy.

Edwin F. Estévez, Ph.D, Co-Founder

Jessica Estévez, Co-Founder

We are Estrategia.
We are invested in change.

We work closely with organizations to spark transformational growth. Through ongoing evaluation, reflection, and continuous improvement, our team helps yours achieve your greatest potential.

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