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We Offer 3 Key Services

Estrategia Group specializes in leadership development to mold you into the type of leader you’ve always wanted to be. Our professional development is designed to help YOU and your organization achieve its goals.

Our capacity-building strategies are helping organizations all over the U.S. reach their true potential and help you see your organization through fresh eyes.

  • Diversity is Like Onions, It has many layers
  • Know Self, Others and Community: Unpacking Your Voice and Leadership 
  • Cultural Humility, because competence is limited
  • Latinx, Latino, Latina, Hispanic: what’s in a name?
  • My World, Our World; Youth Centered Power 
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Faith, Leadership and Learning
  • Mastering Relevant Evaluation
  • Strengths Based Leadership Coaching 

Estrategia’s proven strategies for success are designed to spark the transformational growth your team deserves. We help you plan your future, look for and understand patterns so there is little standing between where you are and where you want to be.

Whether you require team building, cultural humility or higher involvement in social justice, our team works closely with yours to discover the next ensure your organization reaches its goals each step of the way.

  • Creative dialogue facilitation
  • Team-building and engagement exercises
  • Strengths Based Leadership and Life Coaching 
  • Analysis and Interpretation

Let’s push the limits and grow your potential. Through consistent evaluation and assessments you will gain learning and awareness of your mission. We’ll co-design a roadmap to guide and sustain your goals as you persist towards to attract the results you want.

  • Data Collection and analysis
  • Measurement Goals and Implementation
  • Adaptable frameworks (Logic Models, Theory of Change)
  • Strengths Based Leadership and Life Coaching 

How We Do This?

At Estrategia Group, we treat ideas with energy! Indeed, we treat them with so much energy, that action happens. Through the power of creative brainstorming, we push to co-create without boundaries to discover those ‘aha’ moments. By implementing your organization’s vision, the possibilities are transformed into strategies, and the plans begin to flow.

Communication is a cornerstone of what we do at Estrategia Group. It is a determining factor of readiness for Strategic Planning. Through intentionally facilitated dialogue and a personal and systemic approach to exploring key questions, we align roles, goals, processes, networks, and vision.

Estrategia Group’s cross-functional team is perfectly positioned to offer customized Program and Operations Evaluations. By safely engaging the chaos of creative explosions, unpacking your communication channels, culture, and pathways, we mirror, report, and narrate your power and collective or individual journey.

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