Foundation for a healthy st. Petersburg

Estrategia partners with the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg (FHSP) to assess and engage the Latinx community in Tampa Bay. FHSP is a nonprofit with a mission of race equity and health equity in Pinellas County. They inspire and empower people, ideas, information exchange, organizations and relationships to end differences in health due to institutional racism. Estrategia offers FHSP expertise in cultural awareness and strategic planning with the intention of amplifying Latinx voices and empowering the Latine community. Through this partnership, Estrategia has conducted listening conversations and a comprehensive interview method to foster an authentic and impactful communication approach between FHSP and Latinx Pinellas County families.  Additionally, Estrategia works with FHSP to offer support to the local Latinx equity collective Mi Gente Mi Pueblo

Estrategía is currently working as an empowerment evaluator, under contract with the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), which used funding from the W.W. Kellogg Foundation to fund ten (10) campus-based grantees in their implementation of Kellogg’s Truth Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) model. Campuses are quite diverse and include, for example, Brown University, The Citadel, the University of Hawaii, Spellman University, among others. The goal of TRHT is to change the historically dominant narrative of a racial hierarchy to one that embraces equality. This must be done through well-structured and facilitated opportunities for diverse students to share their personal narratives – to tell the truth – in safe places where both understanding and healing can occur.

AAC&U is partnering with higher education institutions to develop Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Campus Centers to prepare the next generation of strategic leaders and thinkers to break down racial hierarchies and dismantle the belief in the hierarchy of human value.

The TRHT Campus Centers have developed and are implementing visionary action plans with the aim of moving the needle on the transformative goal of erasing structural barriers to equal treatment and opportunity on campuses, in our communities, and for our nation around the pillars of the TRHT Framework: narrative change, racial healing and relationship building, separation, law, and economy. Additional information on the TRHT Framework can be accessed here.

Rio Grande Valley Accountable Care Organization (RGV ACO)

Estrategia group has been instrumental in leading the Rio Grande Valley Accountable Care Organization (RGV ACO) in their transformation to value based medicine. As medical providers engaged in practice transformation, implementing value based medicine, Estrategia Group works closely with their team through the application of predictive analytics, team building, workflow analysis and leader development. Additionally, the group assists in outcomes that impact patients with augmented social determinants, and empowers the goal of improving quality of life and health through the practice of patient-centered preventative care.

unity Day: Youth Leadership Hillsborough Schools

Seeking to develop leadership practices among youth and build a culture of inclusion at their school, Armwood High School sought out Estrategia Group to design and lead a series of youth conferences that would cultivate youth leadership skills, practice courageous dialogue, and explore topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. Youth participants in the conferences committed to a designated time of getting to know themselves and each other, while engaging in productive dialogue around issues and ideas to make their communities or schools safer for everyone. After four years of conducting two to three conferences per year, the school institutionalized a Unity Day Club and a Mediation team.

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Allegany Franciscan Ministries

Experts in the formation of community dialogue, Estrategia Group played an integral role in helping facilitate the goal of Allegany Franciscan Ministries to strengthen three underserved Florida communities. Estrategia co-facilitated small and large community conversations that sought to listen and learn from citizens about their concerns and needs in the community. Some common themes stemming from these conversations were access to quality employment, access to quality youth development opportunities, infrastructure, and having a voice to inform decisions made for their community. These conversations ultimately led to the development of the Common Good Initiative, which is committed to engaging community members, implementing strategies, and providing resources toward the creation of healthy and thriving communities.

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The simple room

During the months of the audit to gain additional perspective on the SR, Estévez conducted 30- 60 minute interviews. The staff and board member interviews focus on learning more about (a) SR families, children and youth, the individuals served from the staff’s perspective; (b) leadership strengths and needs of those who serve the mission; (c) community engagement and support offered or sought for mission of the SR; (d) thoughts on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Interviews with parents were structured to pull together information about (a) the individual’s context with the SR; (b) perceptions about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; (c) recommendations on activities to start, stop or continue to improve the ministry.

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Coordinated a collaboration and assisted in the development of the evaluation tool that supports ongoing programming for Anytown©. Cultivating individuals who can foster and promote inclusion affects our health and sense of belonging, which impacts our agency and empowerment to take action. This is the purpose of the Anytown© Program, to promote intergroup acceptance. Jessica Estévez , as the Director of Programs for Community Tampa Bay developed in collaboration with Dr. Eyleen Lyons and evaluated with a team from Michigan State University the Youth Diversity Acceptance Scale. The program is now consistently measured by evidence-informed and validated pre and post test. The health outcomes and effectiveness of the program continue to be documented.

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Estrategia | Other Industries

Estrategia Group work with Food for the Hungry International has led to the development of innovative education programs for grassroots leaders in Rwanda, Africa. Additionally, We are an integral part of Nation in Transformation, a Non-governmental, Non-partisan, non-profit sustainable development organization in Dominican Republic assisting in their Strategic Planning and their implementation of education initiatives.

Ideas development turned into strategic planning and operations implementation has lead clients such as Hardwoord Stop Flooring, J & G Customs, and J & G Forwarding, LLC to sustainable business development growth. Estrategia Group provides operations assessments, strategic planning and growth, leader development and coaching and overall risk management.

Estrategia Group is currently working on Operations Assessments for Weslaco Rehab Hospital and Weslaco Medical Clinic. Additionally, risk management and chief strategy projects are being conducted with RGV ACO Health Providers and Reliance Health Network Management Solutions. Other clients include: Selah Hospice, Inc, Zion Laboratories & Mercedes Medical Clinic.

Community Tampa Bay, United Way of Tampa Bay, United Way of Decatur and PIML constitutes the growing list of clients in this sector of our work. Program evaluations and training are the common products provided to this sector. Small interventions through strategic planning and IdeaGenerator sessions are also provided.

Through strategic planning, statistical analysis, trainings and evaluations, Estrategia Group’s clients includ United Way of Tampa Bay, United Way of Decatur, FHI 360,Inc, Hillsborough County Public School District, and Polk County Public Schools District. We are experts in the areas of diversity training, teacher development mentoring, and Core Curriculum integration, and evaluations.