Love without centering fear
Serve without expectation
Lead with courage

By fostering equitable spaces and facilitating thriving communities within your organization, we cultivate inclusive leadership and community engagement. Through management consulting, education, and development we offer services that cultivate the generation of ideas and the creation of strategies that can be measured based on the impact on your organizational culture and team dynamics.

Our consulting started at the intersection of trust, preparation, and needs. We had the privilege of formal education, opportunities to travel with work, and personally and exposure to innovation, to best practices, ideas, synergy from networks beyond a culture of scarcity and fear. There was creativity that was birthed out of a culture of abundance and unlimited potential. So on the side, little by little we began to aid and support our neighbor entrepreneur who was a real hard worker but had no business strategy. And today, we are Estrategia. We are invested in change.

Jessica Estévez, Co-Founder

Jessica Estévez cultivates leaders that can create a sustainable impact and transform communities to better serve children, youth, and families. By putting on the many hats of trainer, diversity consultant, educator, international speaker, and social justice advocate, Estévez has facilitated program design, program evaluation, strategic management, and teambuilding and learning for a multitude of audiences in the non-profit, K-12, higher education and corporate sector. For over 20 years she has created, developed and implemented educational and organizational capacity building initiatives that foster equitable spaces and facilitate thriving communities, locally and internationally. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation chose Jessica to serve as a national fellow for its Community Leadership Network. In that role, she uses her “love without fear” philosophy to promote community and civic engagement and racial equality. Born in New York and raised in the Dominican Republic, Jessica holds a Masters of Management from Brandeis University and a Bachelors of Arts from Mount Holyoke College, where she graduated at the age of 19.

Edwin F. Estévez, Ph.D, Co-Founder

Consistently and passionately committed to transformational growth at the individual, ground and organizational level. With over 20 years experience delivering transformational growth opportunities to an diverse audience as an excellent communicator, engaging bilingual/multi-cultural public speaker, motivating international educator, productive administrator, and effective leader. As a systemic thinker, I have achieved personal and professional success in project and risk management, organizational cultural change, and human capital growth. I am energetic, enthusiastic, with excellent interpersonal skills and driven by positive thinking.

General experiences are in the fields of international education (Mozambique, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Spain, and Paraguay), clinical social work (mental health counseling), risk management (health care), administration, research and analytics (Education and Health Care), and business development (across sectors).

We encourage B.I.G. Thinking ©

  • Best Intentions attitude with responsibility to IMPACT.  A commitment to assume a shared sense of purpose.

  • Interdependence philosophy.  A responsibility to recognize our need for each other.

  • Genuine Regard engagement.  An oath to relate to each other’s humanity.

    B.I.G. Thinking invites us to articulate a shared vision to create the critical buy-in for sustainable growth. Communicate ideas, attitudes, and beliefs.  B.I.G. Thinking engages our core strengths to foster a positive organizational culture. Create skilled teams, with ambitious yet realistic plans towards measurable action.  B.I.G. Thinking fuels systemic analysis to empower leadership, change, and success.

Our Clients

“Collaboration moves at the speed of trust.” Estrategia Group knows that communication and change are partnerships a two-way street, and we have collaborated locally, regionally, and globally with individuals, startups, small organizations, institutions, and student groups. Everything we do abides by our mantra “Love Without Fear”, “Serve without expectations” and “Lead with Courage”. Every relationship and collaborative partnership grows from there.

  • Allegany Franciscan Ministries and Trinity Health
  • American Association of Colleges & Universities
  • Asset Funders Network
  • Community Tampa Bay
  • Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg
  • Frontline Solutions
  • Girl Scouts of West Central Florida
  • Goodwill Suncoast
  • Greenville University
  • Hillsborough County Public Schools
  • Hispanics in Philanthropy
  • Independent Insurers
  • Association of Illinois
  • J & G Logistics Masters
  • J & G Customs Forwarding, LLC
  • Latino Equity Project
  • Mercedes Medical Clinic
  • Obama Foundation
  • Polk County Public Schools
  • Reliance Health Network
  • RGV ACO Health Providers, LLC
  • Selah Hospice Care
  • FHI 360, Inc
  • The Hardwood Stop Flooring Company
  • The Simple Room
  • Trepwise
  • United Way of Decatur, IL
  • United Way of Tampa Bay
  • University Area Community Development Center
  • Weslaco Rehab Hospital
  • Weslaco Medical Clinic
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation