MiGente: MiPueblo
Our shared purpose is to advance equity for, with and in the Latinx Community by building our political power, unity, advocacy.


We seek to connect with leaders who engage or identify as Latinas, Latinos, Hispanics, Spanish Speakers and are in the pursuit of unity and equity. We invite the cultivation of ideas on how to move forward as a united community. Be a part of this unprecedented and transformative journey. Join us as we amplify our visibility.


1. Developing & Amplifying the Latinx Narrative: Stories & Data
2. Reimaging Healing Spaces: Belonging
3. Building Sustainability & Strategy for Advocacy: Systems

Engagement Process

We need you! Help us shape this vision!

Planning Team and Volunteers for the October 2021 Events!

Social Hour and Identity conversations. Add your voice to the narrative!

Monthly virtual meetings; Third Friday of each month at 2:30pmEST

Previous Events: 

2020 Virtual Recording: y donde esta mi gente?

Latinx invisible Speakers and Descriptions:



2020 Latinx Arts festival: http://estrategiagroup.com/latinx-presente/


We seek to accelerate equity, listen to the community about the opportunities/barriers/challenges to achieving health equity through with and informed by the Latinx, Latina, Latino, Hispanic, and/or other Spanish-speaking people who live in our County, and Tampa Bay Region as the fastest growing demographic groups.

We thank The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg for believing and supporting this work!




The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg pursues a mission of race equity to attain health equity in Pinellas County and improve Population Health.

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